laughing with the sinners (personalityflaw) wrote in rowan_singles,
laughing with the sinners

name: Brandon
age: 21
sex: Male
major: Law and Justice
where you live:Edgewood Apts

5-10 favorite bands: The Vandals, Superdrag, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Bosstones, GreenDay, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bare Naked Ladies, Foo Fighters, Tom Waits

5-10 favorite movies: The Goonies, Usual Suspects, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, American Beauty, Pulp Fiction, They Live,Pee Wees Big Adventure....

some interests and/or hobbies:I like camping, movies, going to concerts, cartoons (adultswim type), late night walks around campus can be amazing, anything about forensic science.

what i am looking for: I dont have a set type of girl that i find myself attracted to. I am usually attracted to someone who has something that sets them apart from the group, whether it is a unique sense of style, amazing smile, out going personality, or even something like red hair (yeah, i have a thing for red heads).

Materialistic girls, its a good thing to want to look nice and even have some nice things, but when you base your life around your $500 purse or your $100 jeans, i feel you have serious priority issues.

Intolerance in any way shape or form. As long as your lifestyle or beliefs do not interfere with me being able to live my life the way i want to , then i dont care who you believe in, what your stance on 'red button issues", or what you do.

a little bit about me: Im 6ft, 215lbs, blond hair , green eyes..... blah, blah, blah
Im sarcastic, but I can be quite caring and kind. Im a novice social drinker, I dont smoke, but i dont mind a girl who does. Im a dork, I wont lie, I am proud of my pez collection, I enjoy my video games, and i have my action figures openly displayed. However , thats not all im about.

i'm seeking any of the following:: friends, casual date ,serious date, or "physical partner" , but not just a "physical partner"

contact info: AIM: xxIPutXsInMySNxx, number will be given out later

Its a little blurry, but at the moment its all I got
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