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allow myself to introduce ... myself.

name: amber
age: 21
sex: female
major: english w/secondary ed. cert
where you live: the crossings/audubon ridge with viva_death

5-10 favorite bands: the postal service, ben folds (with or without the five), the stills, MICHAEL JACKSON, stone temple pilots, any 90s grunge, anything on the oldies station!
5-10 favorite movies: anything studio ghibli, the last unicorn (shhh), pulp fiction, the shawshank redemption, o brother where art thou, the cube, the exorcist, babe, cabin fever, SCIFI! INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS!
some interests and/or hobbies: sewing (i like to make purses and totes), crafting things, reading philip k dick novels, bowling, going out to try new restaurants, going to movies, making fun of movies, playing videogames like whoa, cooking, going to the bar sometimes, spending too much time on the internet
what i am looking for: concerning boys - someone who isn't super tall (i'm only 5'4") or hairy (i hate LONG hair & facial hair) or creepy weird
a little bit about me: my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me suddenly in the middle of october. we still talk and hang out - i'm not sure what we're doing. i came here as a transfer in september so i don't know anyone at all, and now it's even worse because i'm lonely and sad and still don't know anyone. i want some friends that are simple, easy people like me. i'm not really interested in parties and things like that, and can't stay up late anyway because all of my classes are really early. i get along with guys much easier than girls. i'm very honest about everything, i have a very dry/sarcastic sense of humor (i'm so jerry seinfeld), and curse like a sailor. i type just like i talk, so read an entry or two from my journal and you'll quickly know if you like me or not. i don't want anything serious yet, i'm just looking for someone to have a good time with. oh! and i have my septum pierced but i don't wear it out often. you can see in the pictures behind the cut.

i'm seeking: friends, casual date, mebbe more, we'll see. i'm not sure what's going on in my life.
contact info: AIM: all else fails

why do i take all of my pictures in the bathroom?

i'm sorry i look REALLY mean in this picture. i was in a terrible mood! and my bangs aren't short anymore.
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