Reese (kalisafire) wrote in rowan_singles,

name: Reese
age: 22
sex: Female
major: Law and Justice
where you live: Mansion

5-10 favorite bands: Soundgarden, The Misfits, Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday, Steve Miller Band, Journey, The Cars, Maynard Ferguson, Alkaline Trio, Charles Mingus, let's just say I'm really diverse

5-10 favorite movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse, Casualties of War, The Emporer's New Groove, Happiness, Full Metal Jacket, Casino, Mean Girls, Let's narrow this down. I heart independent movies, things with no plot that make me laugh and war/Italian mob movies. Romantic Comedies make me sick.

what i am looking for: since I have the most amazing boyfriend, we're just looking for people to chill with our group. We love new people.

a little bit about me: I'm very open minded. I don't and won't tolerate closed minded people, so if you want to chill with us, please be equally accepting of other awesome people.

But yeah, if you see a small little blonde girl running being silly, thats me. Say hello!

i'm seeking: friends. My heart belongs to my beautiful boyfriend Bobby, but our circle of friends is always happy to meet cool new people to hang out with
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