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hello hello

Name: Alexas, Lexx, Sexxy Lexxy, Texas... you can call me whatever you want ;)
Age: 21
Sex: yes please... lame i know... hehe... im female
From: cape may originally, now i live in edgewood...
major: Communications/Advertising...

music: blindside, tool, nin, stabbing westward, frou frou, postal service, mars volta, evanescence, remy zero, bright eyes, the notwist, the decemberists, cat power, the blue season, pushbuttonkobayashi, and lots lots more... im a hardXcore music fan

movies: requiem for a dream, equilibrium, LOTR, old school, eddie izzard, italian job, harry potter, half baked, american psycho, matrix, pirates of the caribbean, lots more...

interests: clubs, dancing, movies, playing violin, ASA, emjay, pilates, going to the gym, anything with my sisters/friends

I'm a cool, fun, free chickee... i like anything and just about everything... sometimes i let people walk on me just to save conflict... but im working on being a stronger person.. im caring funny and sexy... hit me up.. im looking for friends, dates and maybe something freaky??? hehehe...

instant message: alextacy13
myspace: lexx
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