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name: Jessica
age: 21
sex: girlie
major: English secondary Education
where you live: Audubon poop ridge ! with Quiz_Show (mod-)

5-10 favorite bands:
Interpol, Neil Young, Ben Folds, The Decembrists, Boy Sets Fire, LL COOL J, Simon and Garfunkle, Blood for Blood, Tool...so random right ; )
5-10 favorite movies: Party Monster, Gone With the Wind, Donny Darko, Mortal Kombat 1&2, The Cube, Secretary.
some interests and/or hobbies:
I sew and sell them for cash money here, I drink, I cook, and like to smack an ass sometimes. I read a lot of sci-fi books from Phil K Dick and Alfred Bester. I watch a lot of cartoons and make fun on indyfucks on the internet.
what I am looking for:
I like people are not too cool to be nerdy and corny. I am drawn to people who are quiet, kind and understated. As far as boys I always end up with dominating jock types but I am really open to any sweetheart who likes to wrestle and let me win. Overall I get along best with people who just have a good time and are ok with not being the sexiest person in the room.
a little bit about me:
This is my first semester at Rowan and I am shy as hell so it is super hard for me to make friends. I am really picky with the people I surround myself with....I either hate you or love you but if I love you, I love you long time !!!
I’m seeking: Friends, dating, physical friction, whatever
contact info: aim:split and fire

My little tattoos

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I love your first tattoos! I have 3 stars on my feet, and I usually dont see many good star tatts but that is awesome work (:
thanks hun...how was the feet tattoo...I was thinking on getting some rockets on my feet for Christmas. Yeah I said rockets, I'm sucha nerd ; )
It actually wasnt too bad to be honest. The worst part was the outline, but once the insides were being colored a majority of the pain and uncomfortable feeling went away.

The worst part was my foot swelled. And you have to wear sandals for a while, at least a week. I got it in June so luckily it was sandal weather
Nice tattoos. Nice coloring. In your pics you have some with short hair and some with longer hair. Which do you have now? Im just weird like that cause it made me curious. Later

Thanks hun ; )
Well I had the long hair till the start of the summer and then I cut it all off. I have big fluffy girl hair so it just worked out better.
your star tatoo's are amazing! and you're really cute with that flower in your hair.
also, major props for the secretary and donnie darko
thanks hun...big flowers help keep the curls from taking over ; )
i saw you the other day outside of... i think it was rowan hall, you looked at me with, i think, a hint of recognition, and went walking off towrds that building that's being constructed..... but yeah, anyway, the point is, next time say hi :-P
actualy, i take that back, it was robinson, not rowan. :-D
you know, I was so grumpy that day I didn't even think I made the connection. If I randomly see you next time when I more focused I'll say Hi ; )