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name: Jessica
age: 21
sex: girlie
major: English secondary Education
where you live: Audubon poop ridge ! with Quiz_Show (mod-)

5-10 favorite bands:
Interpol, Neil Young, Ben Folds, The Decembrists, Boy Sets Fire, LL COOL J, Simon and Garfunkle, Blood for Blood, Tool...so random right ; )
5-10 favorite movies: Party Monster, Gone With the Wind, Donny Darko, Mortal Kombat 1&2, The Cube, Secretary.
some interests and/or hobbies:
I sew and sell them for cash money here, I drink, I cook, and like to smack an ass sometimes. I read a lot of sci-fi books from Phil K Dick and Alfred Bester. I watch a lot of cartoons and make fun on indyfucks on the internet.
what I am looking for:
I like people are not too cool to be nerdy and corny. I am drawn to people who are quiet, kind and understated. As far as boys I always end up with dominating jock types but I am really open to any sweetheart who likes to wrestle and let me win. Overall I get along best with people who just have a good time and are ok with not being the sexiest person in the room.
a little bit about me:
This is my first semester at Rowan and I am shy as hell so it is super hard for me to make friends. I am really picky with the people I surround myself with....I either hate you or love you but if I love you, I love you long time !!!
I’m seeking: Friends, dating, physical friction, whatever
contact info: aim:split and fire

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