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rowan singles

a lonely hearts club

rowan university's lonely hearts club
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a community for rowan university's lonely students who are looking for love, friendship, or even a naughty fling!

i'm always seeing people posting in the main rowan community, looking for someone to hang out with or go to an event with, or just someone to talk to. hopefully this community can help bring lonely students together and perhaps make the semester just a little bit better :-)

posts asking what's going on, announcing large parties/get-togethers, and things of that nature are allowed but please do not spam the community. posting "what's going on tonight?" more than once a week is considered spamming. if something's going on, someone will post it :-)

so anyway, go ahead and post your personal ads! the format is below, and everything is optional, except for your name and age and what you're looking for. if you didn't include that, it would be silly!

format for posting ads
sex: (don't answer "yes, please") :-)
where you live:

5-10 favorite bands:
5-10 favorite movies:
some interests and/or hobbies:
what i am looking for: (as in, what attracts you to another person? you can also put things that are total turn-offs)
a little bit about me: (if you want to include a little blurb)

i'm seeking: (in here, put one or more of the following: friends, casual date (go bowling/to dinner/wherever for fun), serious date (want it to eventually lead to something), or "physical partner" (YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS.)
contact info: (aim, msn, phone #, whatever)

PICTURES! post as many as you like, UNDER THE LJ-CUT.

< lj-cut text="pictures of me!" >
< img src="http://wherever-your-picture-is-hosted.com/picture.jpg" >
< /lj-cut >
remove spaces between brackets and words for it to work!

if you need a place to host your pictures, please email me with the photo(s) attached! if you didn't already name the pic your username, please make sure you include your username in the email so i label it appropriately.


that if you post here, you do it at your own discretion! of course i will monitor the community for any abuse and kick out/ban any members who misuse it or spam it or whatever. but please, if you don't think you want someone to know something (like your phone number), DO NOT POST IT! please don't post anything offensive. we're all adults here, but you know what i mean.

if you need any help with anything, contact me and i'll do my best to help.
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