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update! maybe not much of an update, but an update all the same!

here it is...
[28 Nov 2004|10:43pm]


name: JJ, Jack, J of J, J squared, blackstar, whatever label pleases you.
age: 23
sex: male
major: visual arts (3d animation)
where you live: park crest? its on high street

favorite bands: blindside, radiohead, stabbing westward, inimicus, crystal method, orbital, chevelle, sneaker pimps, darkzone, shadow
favorite movies: equilibrium, LOTR, all trey parker movies (for the lighter side), the village, the last samurai, the secret of nihm (and any other 80's dark cartoons), brotherhood of the wolf, tears of the sun, titan AE
interests/hobbies: kung fu, philosophy, 3d rendering, producing electronica, mj, doing anything that allows me to exercise my mind and unleash my creativity, and of course video games.
a little bit about me: i'm complex yet enjoy simplicity. i'm easily liked by most, but sometimes i talk to much. i'm working on that. i've just got too much going on in my head, and too much to share. i enjoy sharing experiences with other people more than experiencing things by myself. i'm constantly trying to help whenever i can, and i strive to reduce conflict and tension between those around me. i just want to enjoy every minute of life and experience the best of everything. (so maybe that wasn't a little bit about me)

i'm seeking: friends, casual date, or physical friction. nothing serious.

contact info: AIM: iamtheblackstar
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